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An essay about my pen friend. easy essay writing

An essay about my pen friend

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My Pen Friend Essay

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How to Write an Essay About Friends (Friendships)

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Essay on My Best Friend Short Speech, Article for Students

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Start living it up and order our writing help with an attractive discount now! Only lucky people get a best friend and I am one of those people. I have a best friend too. His name is Atul.

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We are best friends from kindergarten. Since pen kindergarten, we have played together, cried together, studied together, got scolded together and even had a lot of fun together. I have many friends in my please click for source, in my society too. I play with them too but at the end of the Atul is the only friend I can trust and rely on.

He about encourages me whenever I am feeling low. He is always there whenever I essay help. He never talks behind my back and also defends me if someone is friend bad about me. He is very honest. We have many things in common. Our clothing choice is the same, he likes the same kind of clothes that I like.

Our favorite color is also the same which is blue. We both like football and we spend most of the time weekends playing football. He likes mathematics like I do. Atul is very good in studies.

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He is always the first to know the answer. Apart from all this, he is a good human being too. I remember one day we were playing football on the playground when we saw an injured puppy. He ran towards the puppy as soon as he saw it.

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He took the puppy to his home at treated its wound and gave it some milk and pen to it. In some days the essay was fine and started walking about. This friends his great kindness and love for animals. His parents also praised him for his deed. There are no more playing together, little Queens essay writing and bicycle ride on weekends. Everyone is hiding behind the screens of smartphones and computers.

In spite of all these things, I and Atul meet and play together, we share our secret, click, sadness.

My Best Friend Essay in English for Students & Children

We help each other whenever we need help and this friend is mutual. I am lucky that I have got a best friend like Atul and even today we sit on the about bench, studying, learning, giggling, finishing our tiffins and having a lot of fun together. I hope he stays my about friend for rest of my life because at the end we need a friend whom you can trust and rely on, pen share our happiness, problems, and secrets and that feeling that someone is there for you is priceless.

Article source here we are to help you. Writing an essay can be a tough task sometimes. You get confused about pen to write and how to essay it. Here we have about you some useful tips to help pen out while writing your essay on my best friend.

So before starting to write your essay on my best friend determine what type of essay is expected to friend. The essay on my best friend will be a narrative essay, where you are sharing your thoughts and personal essays about your best friend.